The list of victims includes all victims of armed conflict since August 1955 to-date. It is in alphabetical order and categorized by dates and types of incidents.

South Sudan’s wars, 1955-1972; 1983 - 2005; 2013 – August 2015. These three categories cover deaths or disappearances as a direct result of war, including conflict-related deaths.

Community violence covers death or disappearances resulting from violence within a single community or deaths from violence between different communities, including conflict-related deaths.

Electoral violence covers deaths and disappearances related to the Sudan 2010 General Elections.

Other violence category includes deaths from attacks by Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA); attacks that cannot be characterized as community violence; killings by unknown gunmen in towns and ambushes on the roads; deaths related to civilian disarmament.

You can participate by submitting names of those who have died as a result of these incidents, within these periods by filling the online testimonial form, by sending an SMS to +61481071202, sending an email to:, or sending a tweet to @TheOnesWeLost.

Thank you.

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